Launchpad Vs. Launchpool

4 min readMar 30, 2022

Crypto investors have come across the terms ‘launchpad and launchpool’ before. But, what is the distinction between Binance Launchpad and Launchpool? A little context is required first to grasp the fundamental differences.

This article compares and contrasts Launchpad and Launchpool. This information should be helpful for people who want to engage but aren’t sure where to start.

What Is A Launchpad In Crypto?

Crypto launchpads, also known as crypto incubators, are platforms that allow blockchain-based enterprises to acquire funding while providing early-stage token sales to their investor group.

Having access to early-stage sales implies that investors can get a good deal before the market goes public. Furthermore, because the cost of launching in a crypto launchpad is inexpensive (or non-existent), an increasing number of projects are turning to launchpads for funding.

The website assists investors in identifying interesting cryptocurrency initiatives before they become mainstream. In other words, investors can use crypto launchpads to maintain their eyes on profitable businesses that are still in their early stages.

One significant advantage of launchpads is that they typically result in enormous returns for investors. They strive to help individual influence transcend beyond fundraising by aggregating the best deal flow for its community members, enabling shared engagement and better rewards.

How Does Launchpool Staking Work?

Launchpool staking is delivering funds into a liquidity pool using crypto assets. This can result in hefty profits in the form of new tokens. This is DeFi yield farming.

The daily amount of tokens accumulated fluctuates depending on the amount staked, and the total number of tokens pledged to the pool. Tokens in the launchpool are calculated hourly throughout the activity period. Users can earn new tokens over a set time (usually 30 days).

The token will be available for purchase on the seventh day of farming. Users can now exchange any fresh tokens they have accumulated from the day of staking. Furthermore, customers can redeem their pending awards from the farming pool at any time.

Launchpad Advantages

The following are notable advantages of launchpad for aspiring investors;

Fair and early access

Launchpad’s IDO platform allows IDO participants to get in early and gain privileged access to the most innovative blockchain and digital assets initiatives. Previously, this privilege was reserved for professional investors such as angels and venture capitalists. Launchpads democratize access to innovation by allowing regular users to become long-term investors in early-stage ventures.

Fixed swaps further assure fairness throughout Launchpad participation. Fixed swaps set a maximum investment amount per participant and prevent significant token concentrations among whales in the early phases of token distribution.

Exposure To The Wider Crypto Community

Before being certified and accepted for the launchpad, every project undergoes a comprehensive audit.

Successful projects are highlighted on the launchpad and get quick traction across the launchpads’ ecosystem. The exposure of fresh initiatives to millions of users worldwide implies that those projects provide significant usefulness. As a result, they are more likely to offer short-term profit opportunities and medium-term profits.

BitTorrent, for example, was a successful effort discussed before. Early investors benefitted after it was listed when the price of its native token, BTT, increased by more than 300 percent. Since its inception, long-term investors who stayed with the stock will have earned more than 1000 percent return.

A Safe And Secure Platform For Token Launches

New projects are susceptible in every business because they lack quality assistance, resources, and promotion. The launchpad provides a safe environment for new crypto ventures to raise funds without fear of being attacked by malicious actors.

Launchpool: Adding Value Through Defi-Inspired Crowdsourcing

In response to the emergence of DeFi, the crypto world established the launchpad platform. The launchpad allows users to bet their crypto assets and earn new ones while keeping them secure. Users can stake BNB, BUSD, or any other altcoin in a pool for free. Users gain benefits in exchange for not purchasing the newly introduced DeFi tokens.

The specified DeFi tokens get dispersed to a larger audience via the launchpool. This method enables crypto users and investors to obtain new tokens while earning lucrative profits.

In the following ways, the launchpool delivers value to crypto holders, communities, and the greater ecosystem:

A Platform For Farming Tokens

The launchpool enables you deposit your tokens into a fund and farm (or earn) new ones. The number of tokens gained per day determines the number of tokens staked to the total number available in the pool.

Users must contribute at least 0.1 BNB or any other token supported by the pool to participate in the launchpool. On the seventh day of farming, trading is open. Users can trade for approximately 30 days following the commitment period. Users can redeem any unredeemed tokens at any time.

Growth And Exposure For Qualified Projects

Much like the launchpad, the launchpool supports promising crypto projects in their infancy. Most launchpools’ feature qualified projects by exposing them to millions of users worldwide. Moreover, the company grants project teams access to their support system.

The launchpool creates stronger communities and supports their growth as a secondary effect.

Earn New Tokens While Safekeeping Your Existing Assets

Users can earn additional tokens while managing their existing digital assets in launchpool. The tokens earned are calculated hourly for a set length of time after staking.

When users deposit their crypto assets, they should farm additional tokens in the launchpool. At the end of the procedure, the staked money and any earnings are returned to users.

Furthermore, users have the option to un-stake their assets at any time.

Launchpad Vs. Launchpool: Getting Started

Hundreds of thousands of users participate in Launchpads and Launchpools because neither platform has hidden fees. Launchpads offer more attractive token allocation and real-life solutions to blockchain financing issues.

More intelligent investors will have various options for maximizing their profits in Launchpads.

For example, WhaleMaker, an upcoming Launchpad, overcomes the typical funding difficulties associated with blockchain.

Finally, both programs put you in touch with new ways to make money in the cryptocurrency industry early on, allowing you to capitalize on lucrative profit opportunities with proper timing.




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