WhaleMaker Announces Rebranding and New Future Direction.

3 min readJan 19, 2023


Discover the anticipated project news as we announce our rebranding and name change to WhaleStarter. Learn about the company’s evolution and future.

WhaleMaker, a launch platform, is proud to announce that it has rebranded to WhaleStarter. The Whale team decided to rebrand to reflect our project evolution in the blockchain industry, and our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to crypto enthusiasts and creators.

The new name, WhaleStarter, was chosen to reflect our new partnerships, and focus on providing a secure and reliable launch platform for web3 development. The name also reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize the way we conduct business and provide ongoing value.

Additionally, we’re switching our website from a .org domain to a .com domain as part of our process to improve the user experience and enhance our market potential.

What’s New?

WhaleStarter is focused on bringing advantages to crypto enthusiasts and traders. With the volatility of crypto, we feel that everyone involved in the market should have the best chance for success. This means both general Crypto Enthusiasts and Project Creators. To reflect this mission, here are the following updates:

  • The WhaleStarter NFT Collection — Our upcoming NFTs will play a pivotal role in unlocking membership benefits to the community. With our NFT Collection, members can access exclusive deals & tools, discover cutting-edge projects in our private community, and enjoy premium perks. We will be launching our NFT Collection soon with details provided within our Discord.
  • Private Alpha Group Channel — We are launching our Private Discord Group which will feature research, market condition analysis, and other exclusive details for WhaleStarter members that are not disclosed anywhere else. Only holders of our NFTs will get membership access.
  • Perks and Tool Access — As our WhaleStarter project expands, we’ll let NFT holders gain access to future tools, launch exclusives, and partner discounts. We intend to provide the best deals for NFT membership holders as we build our collaborations and scale our project further.
  • Web3 Development Services — We have recently partnered and onboarded new Web3 development providers, and thus expanded our services. Our comprehensive Web3 service will be all-encompassing and cover Presale Page Creation, Token Bridge, NFT Marketplace, Custom Smart-Contract Creation, and All Development Services.
  • Launch Platform — We will be releasing our platform in the near future. Early members will be able to discover, access, and be alerted to exciting new projects coming out of development. We intend to be the Hub for all new NFT projects, Metaverses, and Crypto gaming projects. More details will be revealed upon launch.

In addition, for projects that wish to work with us, we will introduce creators to our cohort. Including our inner circle network, with other vendor services, and launch assistance providers.

About WhaleStarter

WhaleStarter is a full Launch-As-A-Service provider, an upgrade from the standard launch model. We allow founders to go from project creation, market awareness, to launch while reducing expenses and the time it takes to go live. Our collaborative development partners have developed customized presale app solutions that have been used to raise over $15m BUSD for clients without a hitch. You bring the vision. We create it.

For Crypto Enthusiasts and Traders, WhaleStarter is an exclusive membership that rewards crypto enthusiasts and Traders with the best private deals, and trading advantages on the market with our membership. Gain access to our Premium Alpha Group and tools via our exclusive upcoming NFT Collection Pass.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting rebranding announcement! Make sure to stay tuned for updates and news about WhaleStarter.

Official website: www.whalestarter.com

Official telegram handle: https://t.me/whalestarter

Official discord handle: https://discord.com/invite/qR5bQ97Dg4

Official announcement channel: https://whalestarter.medium.com/




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