WhaleMaker’s Thriving Community and Launchpad Helps Crypto Startups Grow

2 min readApr 16, 2021


For a new crypto startup, the lifeblood of the project lies in being able to access sufficient capital from reliable sources. However, this rarely comes easy for most entrepreneurs. Even the best ideas sometimes fall short of adequate funding to be able to realize their goals because of the lack of access to effective networking and platforms.

Besides, such new entrepreneurs on the horizon seldom get to be part of a welcoming community that backs up their belief and projects. Existing launchpads also suffer from the problem of not being able to lend out access to their platform equitably due to several constraints.

How WhaleMaker Solves the Problem

WhaleMaker is a decentralized community of influencers and active contributors committed to helping incubate new crypto startups. The platform is committed to aggregating the best deal flows for the members of its community. Based on blockchain, WhaleMaker has its own token, which allows users to become part of its dynamic and ever-growing society.

WhaleMaker’s dedicated launchpad not just provides access to capital for startups but also helps its community members go beyond fundraising, enabling shared participation and reward-earning. Members are categorised into different tier groups based on the number of tokens they have in their wallet in real-time.

How it Works

WhaleMaker works on a special social financing model which empowers new projects looking to raise capital, along with WhaleMaker’s launch advisory. Unlike other launchpads doing rounds in the market, WhaleMaker does not function on a lottery basis for allocations. Instead, WhaleMaker has a fair allocation solution in place. Investors on the platform, based on the tier to which they belong, can access project presales and invest in them early on, maximizing their profits.

There is complete transparency and equitability in WhaleMaker’s operations. It is also working further upon its allocation solution, which will allow its users to participate in projects above and beyond what the market provides them.

WhaleMaker is a Win-Win Situation for Both Startups and Investors

Whale membership offers investors access to project sales early on before they are listed. Unlike the ordinary market situation, when this benefit is available only to a select class of venture capitalists and a few investors, the WhaleMaker community is empowered to maximize profits and be more selective in the early phases of projects itself.

Projects, on the other hand, gain access to a wider table of investors who are part of a reliable community for backing them. Therefore, the platform offers a two-way victory for both investors and crypto-startup, forming a community where ‘Individuals Profit Together — the mantra WhaleMaker relies on.




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