WhaleStarter Joins Platinum Engineering Club’s Ecosystem

2 min readFeb 2, 2023


Following a succession of cross-border collaborations with top partners in various industries, WhaleStarter is delighted to announce we have joined Platinum Engineering’s club. This is a giant leap forward and marks a significant milestone in WhaleStarter’s development.

To create a win situation, WhaleStarter this will open up networking opportunities for marketing promotion, international market development, community exchanges, and capital cooperation, opening doors to further collaborations, and exposure for WhaleStarter.

About Platinum Engineering

Platinum Engineering is a next-generation tech incubator with a networking background that offers top-tier expertise to potential FinTech start-ups. They assist new projects in taking the initial steps toward success by providing ready-made Fintech solutions and a personalized approach to each client.

From basic FinTech primitives to stimulating new alliances, their diverse team of professionals can give projects all the necessary beginning materials. They aim to attract the industry’s most daring and talented individuals and ensure long-term development.

WhaleStarter joins Platinum’s club, which includes a list of notable projects already in Platinum Engineering’s catalog of clients and partnerships in the Crypto and FinTech space. Some of them include; Amico brands, AliBaba, Sether, Micromoney, Revain, Stemcellcoin, Noah Coin, Icos, Lamden, LHCrypto, Foxconn, Lotus Energy, Swissborg, SocCoin, TomoChain, Apollo, Morpheus Labs, Signals, and so much more.

Platinum Funds has also launched an NFT to support Ukraine from other projects, and we agree and wholeheartedly support their peace initiatives.

About WhaleStarter

WhaleStarter is a web3 development provider, and partnered with external parties to build an upcoming launch platform for NFTs and crypto gaming projects. This will simplify whitelisting, while connecting enthusiasts with promising startups in an ever-expanding gameverse and NFT creators.

In addition, WhaleStarter will be releasing a limited NFT collection that will allow crypto buyers exclusive access to Whalestarter’s alpha group, private deals, and other to-be-announced perks.

Our goal is simple. Let creators go from idea to project creation, awareness, and launch. Reduce both expenses and the time it takes to go live from the day of inception.

We are here to foster a group of collectors, creators, developers, contributors, and a community of promising projects.




Web3 Development and Launch Platform. Premium NFT Collection.